Cook and Scullery Maid
Re-enactors at John Wesley's House in London. Museum of Methodism

Ever since the “Outlander” TV series started to air, there has been a huge interest in exploring the landscape and culture of Scotland. The fans have been eagerly learning more about what life was like in the 18th century. There is now an open invitation for fans to do just that in London!

The Museum of Methodism is inviting fans of the show to visit John Wesley’s House, a historic London Townhouse. There will be re-enactors who will give the visitors a glimpse of life in the 18th century. Visitors will be able to interact with the re-enactors to learn the kind of daily chores required at that time.

There will be a baking session in the kitchen so visitors get to taste culinary delights while learning more about history. Visitors also get a chance to take part in “make and take crafts” sessions where they can make tissue paper flowers.

“We will be opening the front door to the public and giving them the experience of meeting characters dressed up as real people who lived here and find out what their life was like,” Aisha Al-Sadie, Learning and Community Engagement Officer, said. Al-sadie was originally from Edinburgh, Scotland. She remembers how she was still working at the Falkland Palace when the cast and crew of the Starz show filmed the first episode there.

The event is titled “The Secret Life of John Wesley,” and it will be held on June 17 for free. There will also be an opportunity for children to dress up and complete a house trail!

Visitors can expect to learn more about who John Wesley was and how he helped the poor. The museum explores the history of Methodism, from John Wesley to the present day, and its contribution to shaping Britain’s political and social history. John Wesley’s House stands next to the Chapel. His home for over a decade, it is one of the finest surviving small Georgian townhouses in London.

Credit: Museum of Methodism/ Twitter

Credit: Museum of Methodism/ Twitter

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