Diana Gabaldon is not only working on the ninth novel of the “Outlander” series, she is also starting to think of a prequel. In a recent interview, the celebrity author teased details about how the plot of this book will focus on Jamie’s parents falling in love.

The work on the prequel novel hasn’t begun yet, but Gabaldon has an idea on what the book will be about. The plot will focus on the love life of Jamie’s parents Brian Fraser and Ellen MacKenzie, with another war in the backdrop.

“It’s more or less focused around the earlier Jacobite Rising in 1715, which resulted in the Battle of Sheriffmuir,” Gabaldon said in an interview with Radio Times. Fans of the books will know the general outline of the story.

The story follows Brian, who arrives at Castle Leoch and falls in love with Ellen at first sight. He later abducts her from the castle with the help of his best friend Murtagh. This, despite the fact that Ellen’s brothers were there at the castle to guard her. “So the story is about how all that happened, and also how it is that Murtagh became Jamie’s godfather because of his love for Ellen and so forth,” Gabaldon said.

When asked if there is a chance of the prequel novel(s) turning into a spin-off TV series, Gabaldon laughed at the idea. The question is pertinent at the moment because fans are enduring the longest Droughtlander ever, waiting for the premiere of the next season in September.

Gabaldon is launching another collection of novellas titled “Seven Stones to Stand or Fall,” releasing on June 29. The author did not give any hints as to when the highly anticipated ninth novel in the “Outlander” series will be released.

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