Ian Alexander
Ian Alexander posing for a selfie. Instagram/Ian Alexander

“The OA” star Ian Alexander (Buck) has opened up about how he was cast in the series. He has also talked about portraying his role in the Netflix television show, saying it is very personal but he had to put himself out there.

Alexander recalled that he has seen a flyer that read "New Netflix Series Seeking Asian Transgender 14-15 Year Old Actor (Transitioning from Female to Male)." By that time, the flyer has been circulating in the transgender community.

He said knowing that a television show is looking for someone like him was a much-needed affirmation. He felt good about it and did not miss the chance.

Alexander hurriedly wrote an email to the address indicated in the flyer. He has also sent some random photos of himself in lieu of professional head shots.

He thought that Hollywood casting an Asian-American trans boy is something that does not typically happen. Alexander felt like he had no other choice but to go for it. He auditioned but did not expect that he would hear back from the people behind “The OA.”

To his surprise, he did hear from them. He got a phone call from "The OA" director Zal Batmanglij himself. Batmanglij offered the role to him and he accepted it.

His role in "The OA" has become his first ever acting career. He had to leave his Washington, DC school for New York so he could join shoots for "The OA."

"Sophomore year was better than freshman year," the 15-year-old told NBC News. He said it has become a lot better since he joined the cast of the television series.

"The OA" season 1 viewers would remember Buck as a transgender character and one of the vital members of the chosen five. He was the only member who defended Prairie (Brit Marling) when the others’ faith in her weakened.

The character is also the only one who opted to secure one book about angels. Buck is noticeably shy but he is also compassionate and brave.

Alexander has shared that as a child, he would write scripts and put on shows. He would also convince his family members to perform with him. "I'm normally very quiet and shy, but when I sing or act I transform into this confident person, and I'm always so shocked when it happens," he shared.

“The OA” season 1 was shown in Australia on Netflix. It is expected that a season 2 of the series will showcase more of Buck. Air date for its second season is expected to be announced in the near future.