No Man's Sky
"No Man's Sky" has four pillars that players can engage them to fully enjoy the game. PlayStation

With just a few days left in the countdown before “No Man’s Sky” is released, fans can now take a nice break from reading spoilers online about the game.

To while the time away instrumental band 65daysofstatic has shared its music for the No Man’s Sky: An Infinite Universe soundtrack. Shared as a stream with The Independent, the project has been dubbed as one of the group’s most ambitious ones to date.

Given the band’s experience in science fiction soundtrack contributions, making them as the choice band to create music for “No Man’s Sky” has been a good call. It began with one of their previous songs, “Debutante,” which was asked to be included in the promotional trailer of “No Man’s Sky” as early as 2013.

“We made it abundantly clear that if they didn’t have someone lined up to do the soundtrack, we’d be interested. Fortunately for us, they were fans of our music already, and we met up with Sean not long after that, and were subsequently offered the project,” said Joe Shrewsbury.

As far as the writing process was concerned, Shrewsbury shared that the brief was a guideline that they followed and ignore in creating the music. For the most part, they had created music following the album concept in mind. But the group also took it a step further by creating other sounds that may be useful in other aspects of the game—which they were.

“We didn’t limit any aspect of the music when writing,” said Shrewsbury. “Instead we cultivated an attitude to the body of work we were creating that meant once the album was recorded and mixed, we were pretty open to deconstructing it and using its component parts, rhythms, loops, melodies... as the jump off for expanding the game audio.”

It seems that the vastness and mysteries in the game will be heard in the soundtrack itself. Speaking of “No Man’s Sky” content, developer Hello Games has also given an update as to where it is in the production of post-launch content.

The tweet from Sean Murray has shown the studio and team already wrapping up work on the first update for the game. Without going into details, Murray hinted that there are a lot of balancing, new features, and content.

Just recently, some footage and details have leaked due to an early copy of the game landing in one player’s hands. Apart from some spoiler features, the leak also provided a list of bugs spotted in the game. Hopefully, some of those have already been addressed in the mentioned patch.

“No Man’s Sky” is coming to the PS4 and PC on Aug. 9 in North America and Aug. 10 in Europe.