Xbox One S
Master Chief is etched on one of the components of the Xbox One S. Microsoft/Mike Ybarra

Microsoft has finally released the Xbox One S, its newest and smallest Xbox One console to date.

Over at the Xbox Wire, the company has given a few details on how exactly the Xbox One S will benefit players. For starters, there is a heavy reliance on 4K devices and components to truly maximise the Xbox One’s potential.

Since the Xbox One S is a 4K Ultra HD capable device, it’s best to get a 4K TV. It also requires 4K content, such as a 4K UHD Blu-ray disc or 4K programs on the Netflix app.

The 4K experience is not all that’s worth of the surprise in the Xbox One S. iFixit has done a teardown of the Xbox One S and found a few surprising neat tricks. The GPU has been bumped up to HDR10 though it did retain the AMD Jaguar 8-core SoC from the original Xbox One.

Keep in mind that when iFixit conducted the teardown, it meant voiding the warranty. To do this, the back of the Xbox One S was pried open, after going through the plastic security clips.

The source found that any replacements done to the hard drive will mean voiding the warranty. This will make hacking and customising the console a little difficult and risky, in case the console needs some repairs. However, it did only take some tools to get to the centre of the console, especially since the clip-versus-screws arrangement allowed for easier opening.

Perhaps the biggest surprise for the Xbox One S is the little surprise courtesy of Halo hero Master Chief. iFixit found Master Chief etched onto one of the brackets in the Xbox One S.

“Master Chief has arrived on a new world, this time to protect the optical disc drive bracket. Hopefully the Flood keeps out of this drive for good,” said iFixit in their teardown.

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has already teased the etched image in a previous tweet. The image can be seen above.

The Xbox One S is available in its 2TB version. the 1TB and 500GB versions will arrive later this month.