No Man's Sky
"No Man's Sky" may be delayed a few days for PC. Hello Games

A gamer has gotten his hands on an early leaked copy of “No Man’s Sky.” As he had explored the game, fans have started tracking down new information being revealed bit by bit.

Going by the Reddit handle of daymeeuhn, the Reddit OP had listed a few new details about “No Man’s Sky,” which has already explored a little before anyone else. While he did not reveal what can be found at the centre of the universe, he did hint some things that can be found leading there.

A report from VG 247 highlights the possibility of reaching the centre of the galaxy in just 30 hours. Granted, this was supposed to be the McGuffin of “No Man’s Sky,” seeing as how players should supposedly be going through a lot before being able to get to that goal.

According to the Reddit OP, the pace was changed when he had easily found the resource that can be used to do warp jumps. These are what made reaching the centre easier.

More importantly, the mechanic was not reportedly an exploit, but rather was part of the game. Other important highlights going towards the centre of the galaxy was that it supposedly does not get weirder as the player progresses.

One spoiler that he highlighted was that there was only one big difference, which was with the weapon crates seen in the Trade video. This may push players to race towards the middle, where there are better quality guns waiting.

Considering the spoilers floating around, Hello Games’ Sean Murray even called to players to avoid the spoilers for now. He preferred that they wait for the game so they can play it themselves.

“We’ve spent years filling ‘No Man’s Sky’ with surprises. You’ve spent years waiting. Please don’t spoil it for yourself :(" said" Murray over at Twitter.

Perhaps one good that the Reddit OP had in his “No Man’s Sky” spoiler mega thread is a list of bugs that he has already spotted. Perhaps Hello Games can check the list out once the game has been released to start with bug fixes.

“No Man’s Sky” is set for release on Aug. 9 for North America and Aug. 10 for Europe. It will come to the PS4 and PC platforms.