"Miitomo" is a social gaming app from Nintendo. Miitomo

After teasing a new loyalty programme, Nintendo has finally kicked off its new rewards programme in Japan, dubbed as My Nintendo. The company has also revealed the first few details of how the rewards program will go.

The Points system will be used in order for Nintendo fans to get game downloads for free or discounts on different items. According to Eurogamer, some of the actions where the Points will be used include playing Miitomo, the smartphone app game, getting games and even setting up the Nintendo Account. As revealed earlier, there will be Platinum and Gold Points.

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For using the Nintendo Account and regularly playing Miitomo will net players Platinum Points. As seen in the infographics via the link above, there are some easy actions that can get one as many as 100 Platinum points. These include linking the Miitomo to the Nintendo account, adding a friend via face-to-face method and linking the Miitomo to social networks accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

Gold Points, on the other hand, can be obtained from buying games. There are some tiers to doing this. Specifically, the higher the price of the game purchased, the more Gold Points it will entail.

Platinum Points can be used to get discounts of as much as 50 percent for the likes of “Super Mario Galaxy,” “Metroid: Other M” and “Mario & Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move.” All of these can be obtained for less than 100 Gold Points. For as few as 50 and 100 Gold points, players can actually get games like “Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins” and “Super Punch-Out!” respectively. Fans should note that these are the current rewards scheme for Japan, and that there may be a different scheme for other territories.

The mentioned smartphone game, Miitomo, has also just been released in Japan. BBC reported that the Miitomo is a social app that’s also a game, wherein players can create their own avatar and share it with friends via social media.

While the app is still in Japan, it has already been reviewed, with mix reception from different channels. Some have cited that the app still needs improvement, especially in the area of customisation. More than creating an avatar, players will also interact with the app in the sense that they will be asked some questions, such as activities done during the weekend. This will then be shared to friends.

Currently, Miitomo can enhance players’ experience using in-app purchases. Since it is also part of the new Nintendo rewards program, this just be the start of Nintendo’s plan to tap the mobile industry and expand it to more consumers.

Miitomo launch trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameXplain)