The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
As Geralt, gamers will make tough choices and face their consequences in “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.” Xbox News

The Game Developers Conference has kicked off with a bang in terms of virtual reality. While this is the hot new thing that has gotten players buzzed over possibilities, the event has also recognised the efforts and achievements of games that shown last year.

Among these titles is “The Witcher 3,” which has received a lot of top recognitions in at the GDC 2016. According to VentureBeat, “The Witcher 3” had beaten the likes of “Fallout 4,” “Metal Gear Solid V,” “Bloodborne” and “Rocket League” to get the top spot as the Game of the Year. Apart from this top award, “The Witcher 3” also managed to get the award for Best Technology.

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These are the only awards that CD Projekt Red had received. One fan had started counting the awards that “The Witcher 3” has received so far. In a NeoGAF conversation, user Crossing Eden had stated that 251 awards for the game following the awarding at the GDC. Interestingly, even if the game is almost a year old in May, fans are especially looking forward to the Blood and Wine expansion.

The success of “The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt” is not limited to the rewards that it had received. According to GameZone, it has also achieved good milestones in terms of its sales. Its current record of copies sold since its launch back in May 2015 has already broken the barrier to reach 10 million copies.

This came from the company’s earnings report. And from the looks of it, “The Witcher 3” has been CD Projekt Red’s most successful title so far in “The Witcher” franchise. Considering that the franchise has sold 20 million copies all in all, the latest installment appears to have garnered half the sales of that number.

The great thing about “The Witcher 3” is that there is more to come for the game. Fans are still waiting for the debut of the third expansion, titled “Blood and Wine.” If the developer’s promise of the final expansion being better than the main game proves to be true, then fans may be in store for an even better final round with Geralt to wrap up the journey in “The Witcher 3.”

"The Witcher 3" Blood and Wine sneak peek (Credit: YouTube/IGN)