Plants vs Zombies Heroes
"Plants vs. Zombies Heroes" is bringing a new spin for mobile players of the franchise. Plants vs. Zombies Heroes website

“Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2” is not the craziest game that developer PopCap and publisher Electronic Arts have created. When it comes to mobile titles, a new title will put a new spin to what “heroes” mean.

Released first via the announcement trailer seen below, “Plants vs. Zombies Heroes” is putting a spin from a widely received title “Hearthstone” into EA’s successful shooter-strategy game. It will be a mobile game, and according to the official website, the brains behind the new game are those who have also worked on the mobile sequel “Plants vs. Zombies 2” and the massive hit “Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare.”

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PvZ Heroes introduces a new class of awesome characters to the PvZ Universe; Super Hero Plants and Zombies. Heroes like The Green Shadow - an elusive but powerful peashooter, known for taking out zombies with her Precision Blast, or one my personal favorites, Impfinity, a Zombie Imp Hero with the ability to create multiple Imp clones during battle,” said Brian Lindley, Senior Producer at PopCap.

What’s great about “Plants vs. Zombies Heroes” is that those who loved some of the characters from the “Garden Warfare” sequel may get a glimpse of them in the mobile game, such as Citron, Rose, Z-Mech and Super Brainz.

“Plants vs. Zombies Heroes” will launch sometime in 2016. While a release date has yet to be established, the developer has confirmed that there will be hundreds of characters available to collect and play with at launch.

Much like how “Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare” made a name for itself, mobile players can now also enjoy how it’s like to play as zombies and plants. It will also feature multiplayer battles in real-time, and this will highlight strategies for “PvZ.” In the meantime, fans can enjoy the trailer for “Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.”

This is not the only game that Electronic Arts has in store for fans. A trademark has been spotted in the Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market via the European Unions principal trademark registration.

DualShockers reported that EA applied for the “Javelin.” As per the source, the application is under the class 9 for games. There also appears to be an online component for “Javelin.” Of course, this could only be the multiplayer component of the game, rather than a game that is based solely online. Electronic Arts has yet to announce any game or plans that are related to “Javelin,” but with E3 2016 already drawing near, it’s possible that the publisher may announce something.

"Plants vs. Zombies Heroes" announcement trailer (Credit: YouTube/Plants vs. Zombies)