Super Smash Bros
Bayonetta is coming as one of the last characters for "Super Smash Bros" this February. Nintendo of America

Bayonetta and Corrin may have been the last characters to join the roster of “Super Smash Bros.” But it appears that the developer is still rolling out updates for better balances and gameplays for its players.

The new patch notes, detailed and still being updated over the Smashboards, lists a number of changes for some of the “Super Smash Bros” characters. Bayonetta has a number of changes to her Witch Time. It now has a shorter effect time, a change in the duration penalty per use from 50F/50F to 75F/50F.

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Fairly new character Corrin also received some changes. Both her Run and Walk Speed have been reduced. Her Fair Damage and Uair Damage have received a one point reduction as well. Other characters that have received some changes include Charizard, Cloud, Ganondorf, Kirby, Link, Pac-Man, Palutena, Robinm Samus, Sheik, Zelda and Zero Suit Samus.

The other popular Nintendo title, “Splatoon” is getting another Splatfest this week. On March 18, “Splatoon” players can look forward to a winter/summer Splatfest at the Inkopolis Plaza.

Announced over the Nintendo official website, the Splatfest will require players to choose a side. The Splatfest will start at 9 p.m.

“Splatoon” continues to be one of Nintendo’s biggest game drivers as far as player engagement is concerned. Earlier this year, Nintendo reported that, despite a tumble in profits in 2015, “Splatoon” continued to sell well enough to push the numbers to a whopping 4.06 million copies all over the world.

Despite being less than a year old, “Splatoon” has seen a large following, to the point that there is now a real-world water gun set for release. Kotaku reported that the “Splatoon” water gun is now being sold at 2,700 yen (approx. AU$31.50), as teased by Japanese magazine Famitsu. The orange and green-coloured gun will bring to life a real Splatfest. It’s bound to come out in the summer, though it appears that stocks are currently limited in Japan.

"Super Smash Bros" Nintendo (Credit: YouTube/Nintendo)