CryEngine V
Crytek has released the CryEngine V with a Pay What You Want model. Crytek

Crytek has confirmed that a CryEngine V is already available. This will be the most powerful and accessible version as of yet, and according to the company, it will be the all-in-one solution for development.

CryEngine V will be launched following a Pay What You Want model, so that developers can easily access the features of the engine in exchange for a fee that they themselves will set. The good thing about this is that developers will also no longer have to worry about royalties and other service charges with the new model.

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Apart from the new scheme, the CryEngine V will be introducing the CryEngine marketplace. This will allow developers access to individual assets of the Crytek library. This includes access to sounds, 3D objects, materials and the like, which have been created by both the community of CryEngine as well as other vendors.

CryEngine V is also the most advanced, as it introduces feature that give support for virtual reality. It is C# Enabled, so that C# developers can easily script using CryEngine V. There is also support for DirectX 12, new particle system for real-time fluid effects, a new launcher and UI and FMOD Studio support. Best of all, keeping up with the VR trend, CryEngine V also has advanced volumetric cloud system, which is optimised for VR and cloud 3F rendering.

“CryEngine V” represents our commitment to not only offering developers today’s most advanced engine technology, but also to making it as accessible as possible,”Cevat Yerli, Crytek founder, CEO and president, over at the official Crytek website. “Community is at the heart of our Pay What You Want Model, which we hope will foster closer collaboration between us and developers as well as developers amongst themselves.”

To commemorate the new free CryEngine, Crytek is also now offering a Humble Bundle offer with different assets and programs. According to Hardcore Gamer, it’s the same pay what you want concept in other Humble Bundle offers.

Over at the official website, the bundle boasts seven programs, including MoCap Animation Pack and MoCap Paintball FPS for starter projects. There are also packs for textures and visual effects, environment props, flora and a prototyping kit.

Paying beyond US$11.30 (approx. AU$15) can unlock seven more packs, including an audio kit, the Crytek Formula Racing starter project, the Ryse Nature and Animal engine ready pack, weapons pack and vehicles pack. Beyond the US$13 (approx. AU$17) will give characters and animals pack, a survival game starter project, Ryse world building and Roman pack and more vehicles and city packs.

The Humble Bundle CryEngine offer has already sold 12,808 bundles as of writing. More details can be seen in the link above.

CryEngine V is coming (Credit: YouTube/Gamer Nexus)