PlayStation VR
The PlayStation VR will be released sometime in October for US$399. PlayStation

The PlayStation VR is aiming to go big when it comes to delivering VR experiences to fans. It has finally broken its silence regarding the price, and it seems that PS4 and Sony fans will rejoice at the news.

According to BBC, Sony will release the PlayStation VR to retail at a price that is cheaper than its current competitors, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Its price tag is at US$399 (approx. AU$535), which brings it down to at least US$200 (approx. AU$270) cheaper than the Oculus Rift and almost half the price compared to HTC Vive.

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Additionally, Sony has announced an October release date for the VR device. As far as price is concerned, it is certainly more affordable and hence accessible to more players. But it should also be noted that Sony has also acknowledged that the Oculus Rift is more advanced in terms of technical aspects and capabilities as the PlayStation VR.

Still, Sony is also bringing more efforts to support its VR headset. One of its studios, SCE London Studio has revealed a new game, which combines five essentially different experiences for the PS VR.

Announced over the PlayStation Blog, the new game is currently called “PlayStation VR Worlds.” This brings together five VR experiences that have been tailored for the PlayStation VR headset.

“When we started out to make this game, we wanted to create the very best collection of varied experiences, each to showcase VR in different ways and show how incredible VR can be as a media,” said SCE London Studio Executive Producer Brynley Gibson over at the PlayStation Blog.

The five experiences delve into gangsters, street racing, the deep see, sports and a sci-fi adventure. VR experiences like “The London Heist” can also make use of PS Move controllers and DualShock 4, depending on the player’s preferences. The other games are set to bring audiences to a closer and more immersive experience through the different situations.

The VR experiences do not end there. The PlayStation VR is also set to have two more exclusive titles, the first of which explores the universe of “Star Wars Battlefront.” Engadget reported that it will be a third-party exclusive title that will also come from EA and DICE. No other details were announced during the GDC event, but if this is done right, then PS VR players are looking at a relatively big world to explore.

Another game announced for the PlayStation VR is Supermassive Games’ “Tumble VR.” This will be a puzzle title, and according to DualShockers, it will be another PlayStation VR-exclusive title. The source also features a few screenshots of the title, while Sony has already released a sample announcement video for “Tumble VR.”

"Tumble VR" demo (Credit: YouTube/sonyplaystation)