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Jack London’s book “The Call of the Wild” was featured in episode 4 of “The Night of” TV series. A break down of the scene involving Freddy and Naz has now surfaced online, with Executive Producer Steven Zaillian sharing his insights.

[Spoiler alert]

Everybody seemed to have some advice for Naz (Riz Ahmed) in episode 4. From inmates in prison to his lawyer, all were seen telling him how to look or act. But, the young murder suspect seems to be developing a bond of friendship with Freddy (Michael Kenneth Williams).

Freddy gave Naz “The Call of the Wild” in one of the scenes, telling him that the book would teach him what it takes to survive in prison, apart from Sun Tzu’s “Art of War.” In an opinion piece posted on Medium, Zaillian said that what he found most interesting about the scene was the way it was written by Richard Price and played by the two actors.

The producer pointed out that by now the viewers have gotten to know Naz and Freddy pretty well. However, this scene in “The Night of” “shades” what the viewers know about the two characters or think they know.

“Freddy is more than a tough inmate, and Naz is more than a scared kid,” Zaillian said. The producer said that the viewers sense this in the scene. The two characters in the scene also realise this about each other in the course of their conversation.

The producer said that it was important for him and Price to make sure that none of the characters were unidimensional. They wanted the characters to be an “alloy” of both good and bad, to make them feel realistic.

Books will be the bond between Naz and Freddy in “The Night of,” Zaillian teased. However, this friendship may come at a steep price for the young murder accused, and the tension in the “”The Call of the Wild” scene indicates that he knows it.