A picture of Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen from the TV series "Arrow." Facebook/ Arrow

Felicity will get a new boyfriend in “Arrow” Season 5, Emily Bett Rickards has confirmed. The introduction of the new character puts the future of Olicity in trouble. Some fans have been hoping for Felicity to be reunited with Oliver.

[Spoiler alert]

When asked about the rumours surrounding Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) getting a new boyfriend in the next season, Rickards said that they were true, Comic Book Movie reports. The actress teased that her character “steps into it pretty hard, right off the bat.” She added that the viewers will get to see her new boyfriend “pretty quickly” on the show.

Stephen Amell (Oliver) joked that his character will be fine with his ex-fiancé getting a new boyfriend so quickly. However, the report speculates that the character’s actual reaction on the show could be very different to what the actor is saying.

Oliver and Felicity almost got married in the previous season. However, when she learnt that her fiancé is hiding the fact that he has a son; Felicity felt that she couldn’t trust him anymore. She called off the wedding and returned the ring.

Chances of Oliver and Felicity getting back together quickly in “Arrow” Season 5 appear slim with the introduction of the new character. Oliver’s challenges in the next season are multi-dimensional. Apart from his love life, he is also facing problems as a superhero. He has to rebuild the team, with inspired new members joining his fight to keep Star City safe.

Oliver is also having trouble as the Mayor. Speaking to Zap2It, Amell conceded that his character is doing “poorly, badly” in his official position in the city. His main focus remains to be his superhero alter ego and the actor said that his character is using the mayoral office “as a gateway to his vigilante work.”

Amell said that “Arrow” Season 5 will explore the reasons why Diggle (David Ramsey) and Thea (Willa Holland) left the team. The actor said that both the characters had justifiable reasons to leave.