A picture of Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen from the TV series "Arrow." Facebook/ Arrow

“Arrow” Season 5 will return to gritty street fighting, which had made the show popular initially. Cast member Stephen Amell talked about the show and also his character during the San Diego Comic Con. The actor explained that the most important thing for Oliver is Star City.

[Spoiler alert]

Amell said that the show this time around feels “grounded and very patient,” Screenrant reports. The actor explained that the show has always been about saving Star City in street level fights, and the show will now return to those roots this year. He said that this was a “cool” development.

The main villain in the previous season was Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough). Amell said that it was “wonderful” to work with McDonough, but added that he personally feels that the show is better off if it is grounded, rather than having villains with superpowers. He said that introducing a character with magical powers was a “lesson” for the TV series.

Talking about the new villain in “Arrow” Season 5, Amell teased that the character was born out of Oliver’s actions in the first season. The actor felt that this was a “cool place to take the show.”

Oliver has to rebuild his team to take on the new threats to the city. Amell pointed out that Oliver’s father had asked him to make Star City a better place, so the most important thing for him in the TV series is the city and not Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) or any other character.

However, Amell feels that his character is not doing a good job as Mayor, Comic Book Movie reports. The actor pointed out that his character is basically alone, without a team, so Thea (Willa Holland) has been helping him take care of his official duties.

Meanwhile, Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim has revealed the title of the third episode of “Arrow” Season 5 to be “A Matter of Trust.” The tiles of the first two episodes have already been revealed to be “Legacy” and “The Recruits.”

Credit: Twitter/ Marc Guggenheim