The New Celebrity Apprentice
A photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger from "The New Celebrity Apprentice." Facebook/TheApprentice

“The New Celebrity Apprentice” episode 4 was full of old-school drama that fans used to witness in previous seasons of the show. In the latest episode, there were three eliminations instead of two. Chael Sonnen was evicted for violating the spirit of the competition.

In the second task of the episode, the contestants were asked to create a brochure for Universal Studios as well as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The brand has been a part of the show in previous seasons as well. The loophole in the rules was that the teams were allowed to take extra 10 minutes in case of technical difficulty. Exploiting this loophole, the American mixed martial artist purposely cut the cord and claimed technical difficulty.

In the second task for “The New Celebrity Apprentice” episode 4, Chael Sonnen used a pair of scissors and literally cut the computer cord, earning extra 10 minutes for the team. For his poor sportsmanship and an attempt to kill the good spirit of competition, he was terminated from the show. “I will not tolerate cheaters in my Boardroom,” Arnold said before terminating him from the show.

The other two contestants that were eliminated from the show in “The New Celebrity Apprentice” episode 4 were Vince Neil and Porsha Williams. In the first task, both teams were supposed to design a marketing campaign for Lorissa’s Kitchen. The project managers for Prima and Arete were Lisa Leslie and Brooke Burke. The former team lost the task leading to Vince Neil’s elimination. In the Harry Potter challenge, Williams was terminated after team Arete led by Matt Iseman won the task. Carson Kressley was the project manager for team Prima, which lost the task.

“The New Celebrity Apprentice” episode 5 will be aired on Jan.30 at 8PM ET on NBC in the US. The show does not air in Australia.