Host Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) and Tyra Banks participate in a panel for "The New Celebrity Apprentice" in Universal City, California, December 9, 2016. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

“The New Celebrity Apprentice” episode 3 titled “Candy For a Billionaire” will be fun to watch as one of the tasks the contestants is to prepare candies. Another major change in the episode will be splitting of the teams. The teams were so far divided according to their gender. In the second task of the third episode, the teams will be changed. There will no longer be men’s and women’s teams.

Task 1

In the first task, the contestants will deal with Kawasaki motorcycles. They will have to create a marketing campaign for the brand. The task will get interesting as the celebrities make unusual efforts to win it. They will likely push the boundaries.

Gemma Godfrey, who is the CEO of Moola, will join the board as helping hand to Arnold Schwarzenegger's (Governor) advisor and nephew Patrick. While one team will add a little bit of humour to their campaign, the other team will be serious in their approach. Which team wins, will only be revealed when the episode 3 will air.

Task 2

In “The New Celebrity Apprentice” episode 3, the second task will be more interesting. It will be about a candy challenge. The teams will contest the challenge for millionaire Warren Buffet. The major twist here will be that the teams (which were so far divided into genders) will be jumbled up.

The representatives from each team will fly to Omaha, Nebraska to present the candies to Buffet themselves. One team will lack in the process of preparation, and hence, will lose the task. Fans will have to wait for the next episode in order to know which team will fail to do their homework well and who will be told, “You’re terminated.”

“The New Celebrity Apprentice” episode 3 will air on NBC at 8PM ET on Jan.16 in the US. It is not clear as of now if the show will air in Australia.