The New Celebrity Apprentice
A photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger from "The New Celebrity Apprentice." Facebook/TheApprentice

“The New Celebrity Apprentice” episode 3 observed two entertaining tasks that included marketing campaign for renowned motorcycle brand Kawasaki and candy making for Warren Buffett. Jon Lovitz and Kyle Richards were the two contestants who were eliminated in the last episode.

For the first task, Kyle Richards and Carson Kressley were assigned as managers of the two teams. Carson’s team wanted a popular drag queen to participate in their campaign. Furthermore, they were looking forward to getting Carson naked on the bike and they succeeded. The task got funnier when Carson complained that he was uncomfortable and Boy George instructed “Push your bits under like a drag queen.”

On the other hand, women’s team in “The New Celebrity Apprentice” episode 3 wanted Brooke Burke-Charvet’s husband David Charvet to sit on the back seat while Brook will sit on the driver’s seat. Charvet refused saying, “I’m not having Arnold look at me like I’m some sort of wimp.” However, while reviewing the campaign, Arnold said that if he was in Charvet’s place, he would have done that without second thought. Lisa Leslie and Kyle posed in the campaign thereafter. The men’s team won the task and Kyle Richards was eliminated.

In the second task, the contestants had to prepare and sell Warren Buffett’s candies. Jon Lovitz and Chael Sonnen represented their teams and went to Warren Buffett in Omaha, Nebraska to give him candies that they prepared. Jon Lovitz was the worst performer as he could only sell candies worth US$500 (AU$665).

While David Charvet faced a lot of criticism from the audience for not agreeing to sit on the back for a task that could have made them earn charity, Jon Lovitz collection of mere US$500 (AU$665) was another interesting yet funny part of the “The New Celebrity Apprentice” episode 3.

“The New Celebrity Apprentice” episode 4 will air on NBC at 8PM ET on Jan.23 in the US. The show does not air in Australia.

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