My Kitchen Rules
"My Kitchen Rules" Australia 2016 contestants Gianni and Zana lost to sisters Tasia and Gracia. Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

MKR villains Gianni and Zana may have been booted out of the competition by sisters Tasia and Gracia, however, Zana has no regrets and may be returning to TV. Post elimination, Zana said it was a fun experience for her to be on TV and she would happily take every opportunity to return to TV.

“My Kitchen Rules” Australia 2016 second semi-final will air on Monday, 7.30 p.m., and the final on Tuesday 7.30 p.m.

Gianni, Zana’s loving husband, is fully supportive of her decisions and ambitions to be in limelight, although he won’t be returning to TV. He is happier the way he was, working as a lawyer. Gianni promised he would be supporting his wife in anything she does.

“I’m very happy to go back to my stressful day job. But I think my wife has a face for TV. She wasn’t expecting anything to come of it but she thoroughly enjoyed it and being in the limelight. I’ll keep supporting her no matter what she does,” he said.

Zana also opened up on how much the two loves watching “My Kitchen Rules” even though they finish up work late.

“(Gianni and I) finish work pretty late so we record, and the first thing I do when we get home is put on the TV. It’s not hard watching it — I just laugh, I actually find it hilarious. It’s pretty entertaining and it’s very clever the way they’ve edited it. I think it makes great TV to be honest,” Zana said.

Now the question is whether Channel Seven will agree on offering an assignment to the beautiful MKR villain. A channel Seven spokesperson revealed that the channel is always hunting for opportunities to work with its contestants after the cooking show is over. And when it comes to Zana, the channel is more than ready.

“Zana has been a popular addition to MKR this year. If the right opportunity presented itself, we’d love to explore ways in which to continue that relationship,” the spokesperson told