My Kitchen Rules
Giannia and Zana in "My Kitchen Rules" AUstralia 2016 semi-final. Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

The aroma of delicious food was overcome by the smell of competition on Thursday night’s semi-final of “My Kitchen Rules” Australia 2016. It was the fight between the strongest contenders, sisters Tasia and Gracia vs the go-getters Gianni and Zana. Both teams gave their very best, with Gianni and Zana plating up a “sensational” beetroot and goats cheese ravioli with sage butter entree that set the stage for the delicious fight.

Giannia and Zana’s “competition-winning dish” was challenged equally by Tasia and Gracia’s entree of lobster tail with yellow curry sauce. Guest judge Karen Martini pointed out how the dish could have been a disaster had “they not balanced all of those flavours beautifully.”

Zana and Gianni messed up their main of beef goulash with heirloom carrots and pickles. Ironically, the judges found an unwanted burning smell in their dish. Probably it was the MKR villain Zana’s burning jealousy (as a result of the praises showered on the sisters) that caused the smell. There was a problem with the presentation.

The sisters, untouched by anything, served an awesome main of crispy fried barramundi. Although everything was great about the dish, judges did not find it “overpowering.”

It was time for desserts, and Gianni and Zana served krempita with vanilla poached figs. While the judges did have a problem with the poached figs and the dessert’s simple nature, guest judge Liz Egan praised it as something one would buy from a cake shop.

However, when it came to Tasia and Gracia’s dessert of coconut panna cotta, judges had nothing negative to say. They were mighty impressed with the sisters’ technique.

“The thing about a good panna cotta is it’s got to have as little as possible gelatine in there that it just holds together. And you’ve just seen the wobble on that. There’s a lot of restaurants you go to and you get, like, a cricket ball, it’s that hard,” said judge Colin Fassnidge.

Known for her ability to make disgusted faces when tasting others’ dishes or when others are praised, Zana shocked everybody with her praises for the sisters. It was evident that Tasia and Gracia were through to the finals.

“To be honest, losing against Tasia and Gracia isn’t so bad because they’re such a strong team. And you deserve to be in the grand final. So, have your confidence because your food’s phenomenal,” Zana said post elimination.

Zana and Gianni finished their challenge with a total score of 43 out of 60. Tasia and Gracia were the clear winners with their score of 55. According to judge Pete Evans, the sisters plated up the strongest three-course menu he has ever had in the competition.

“My Kitchen Rules” Australia 2016 continues Monday night at 7.30 p.m. on Seven.