My Kitchen Rules
"My Kitchen Rules" 2016 contestants Mitch and Laura. Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

The youngest contestants of “My Kitchen Rules” Australia 2016, Mitch and Laura, are sad to leave especially after becoming MKR favourites. Their total score of 60 out of 100 was not enough to beat other teams. The shock verdict was hard for the two to swallow as Gianni and Zana put an end to their MKR dreams Wednesday night.

Prior to the ultimate instant restaurant rounds, Mitch and Laura had never put a foot wrong. They were the team to beat apart from sisters Tasia and Gracia. Even though 21-year-old Mitch and 19-year-old Laura had no regrets on the dishes they served on the ultimate instant restaurant round, they were “pretty bummed” to have been booted out of the competition.

When they were criticised for their strategic scoring during Carmine and Lauren’s ultimate instant restaurant round, Mitch defended his sister, saying she did not tamper with her verdicts to save their own skin.

“We knew we didn’t perform so we just went with it. There was no point trying to go about it strategically to try to get our way in the competition,” Mitch said.

He also added that Laura was not at all extra critical during the later stages of the competition as was complained by other participants. According to Mitch, participants only focused on Laura’s negative comments as the two were in a strong position.

He concluded that “Laura really wants to do something in the food industry” and that she is finding her avenues to make it big in the industry. When talking about his own future, Mitch revealed he wants a fully sustainable farm restaurant where he would grow his own produce along with this father.

The brother-sister duo was booted out of the competition after MKR villains Gianni and Zana score a 71. They plated up Adriatic Seafood Stew (8 points) and Sardines with capers, olives and bread (8 points) for their entrees. For the mains, Gianni and Zana made Burek cigars with figs and goat’s cheese (5 points) and delicious Spiced lamb loin with chestnut puree and mushroom tart (perfect 10).

Desserts were a mixed bag for the two. Their Nondaja’s Tespixhe with citrus salad fell terribly short of expectations and was given a score of 3 by Manu Feildel. However, their second dessert of ‘Black Mountain’ Chocolate Molten Lava Cake was “the strongest dish of the night” and was awarded a 9. It did not get a perfect score Pete thought it was not “the most lava-y cake I’ve ever had.”