Call Of Duty 4
"Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered" arrived on Nov. 4. Facebook/Call Of Duty 4

Developer Raven Software has confirmed that it will return the Prop Hunt game mode in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered." It will include a few adjustments as the popular unconventional custom game mode can be played once again in Weekend Warfare.

Raven Software Lead Designer Amos Hodge posted on Twitter that they are making updates on the Prop Hunt game mode based on community feedback. Once the game developer company has implemented the change, it will relaunch the popular game mode.

After Hodge has posted about the Prop Hunt game mode on Twitter, a lot of players have made suggestions that could improve it. Prop Hunt was an exclusive game mode launched in the game to celebrate April Fools.

Players want the player limit increased to 18 since it was too small and only a few people can play in one game. They also want the Prop Hunt game mode to stay permanently since they had so much fun playing it.

Majority of the players want to Raven Software to retain the Prop Hunt game mode forever because of the number of people it attracted. During its first hour of launch, the active players rose by 42 percent, indicating how popular it became.

After several hours of being launched, the game mode screen even bugged and displayed 122 percent of the active players on the playlist. Some players also want the experience to be increased in the said game mode to attract more people.

Prop Hunt game mode

The Prop Hunt game mode features a hide-and-seek game mode where one team has to hide as props in the map while the other looks for them. In its initial launch, only 12 players were allowed to play in one game, with two teams consisting of six members each.

Every 20 minutes, if the finding team still has not located the hiding team, the props will automatically whistle, giving a hint on their location. This game mode is based on "Gary's Mod" that featured the same gameplay but with a different map and a few changes.

After the Prop Hunt game mode was removed, half of the players of the game also stopped playing. Because of the great feedback that the game mode received, developers decided to bring it back. Although it has not yet been confirmed if it would be a permanent game mode in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered," players will still get to play it in one of the Weekend Warfare events.