Call of Duty Black Ops III
"Call Of Duty: Black Ops III" will receive its final DLC this week for the PC and Xbox One. Facebook/Call Of Duty: Black Ops III

The final DLC for “Call Of Duty: Black Ops III,” which has been dubbed “Salvation,” will finally be available for PC and Xbox One later this week. The last expansion in this chapter will introduce four new multiplayer maps to the franchise, as well as the final lines of the zombie storyline.

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The maps include two entirely new locations -- Citadel and Micro -- and two others that will be a little familiar to CoD players.

Citadel houses an ancient castle, which is described as once belonging to a very powerful medieval army. It is full of tight corners that require close-quarter battles. Meanwhile, there is also a moat and drawbridge present, which allow for a more unique battle experience.

Micro, on the other hand, is a miniature battlefield that is set atop a family picnic on a summer day. Players will need to take advantage of larger-than-life fruits, condiments and sandwiches to get past the map.

The last two are more familiar to the franchise, as Outlaw and Rupture are remakes of Standoff and Outskirts respectively.

Outlaw is a western-themed map that is a bit of a classic in terms of battle engagements. Players will need to make strategic plays for both long and medium ranged combats.

The last map, Rupture, takes place in a high-tech facility. Seemingly designed by a futuristic society, players will get to explore the area which sought out to repair the Earth’s atmosphere.

“Salvation” also brings with it the final lines to the Zombie Origin Saga, called “Revelations.”

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PC and Xbox One players will finally get their hands on “Salvation” on Oct. 6. Those who own a season pass should be able to download and play the DLC later on this week. However, those without a season pass will need to purchase the last extension to “Call Of Duty: Black Ops III” for US$14.99 (AU$20).

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