Call Of Duty 4
"Call Of Duty 4: Remastered" from Raven Software will go live on Oct. 5. Facebook/Call Of Duty 4

“Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare” was first released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PCs in 2007. Last month, game developer Raven held a demo for the remastered version of the game, which showed the return of some very classic features.

Multiplayer announcer

In a tweet posted by Raven Software’s lead designer Amos Hodge, it was confirmed that the original announcer for the multiplayer mode is returning for the remaster.

He added that the “Call Of Duty 4” announcer will be making the decisions in the game’s original modes. Whether or not the same voice will be heard for new modes is unclear at this point.


Hodge also confirmed that various weapons -- such as the Desert Eagle, RPD and M40A3 -- are getting an update with the remastered game. However, they will still sound very much like the original.

Launch playlists

While there are plenty of new playlists that will arrive because of additional modes, Hodge shared that the original launch playlists will also be available for listening.


Another feature included in “Call Of Duty 4 Remastered” is strafe jumping.

Private matches will also have all create-a-class items unlocked from the beginning, which means players will have access to various weapons, attachments, perks and killstreaks.

“Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered” release

Raven Software is owned by Activision, which published the original game 9 years ago. It will release the remastered version of “Call Of Duty 4,” which is set to be launched exclusively with the premium editions of “Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare” later this year.

Individuals who have already purchased digital pre-orders of the premium editions will be able to start playing on Oct. 5. Meanwhile, the multiplayer mode goes live on Nov. 4. Activision has yet to announce whether or not “Call Of Duty 4” remastered will be available as a solo game.