Call of Duty 3
"Call of Duty 3," developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. Facebook/Call Of Duty

One unique aspect that the Xbox One has over its gaming console competitors is its backwards compatibility feature, which allows gamers to play older titles on their newer console. The newest game to be added by Microsoft is “Call Of Duty 3.”

“Call Of Duty 3” is just the latest in its franchise to be included in the Xbox Backwards Compatibility Library. In August, “Call Of Duty 2” was added into the same roster, just after “Call Of Duty: Black Ops III.”

The inclusion of “Call Of Duty 3” to the Xbox One gives players the opportunity to explore the World War II setting, which was first released in November 2006. The title was one of the last in the franchise to be set in WWII and put players in direct battle as a soldier.

The game was well loved by players, both for its technical expertise in terms of weaponry and its advanced graphics, considering what consoles were then capable of. Now, gamers can again explore the story either by inputting an old disc of the game or reinstalling the digital version on the Xbox One.

The backwards compatibility feature from Microsoft has been very successful and now includes over 200 titles. As previously mentioned, other “Call Of Duty” games are part of the roster, but it also features other popular franchises.

“Halo Reach” and “Halo Wars,” for example, are included, as well as “Fallout New Vegas” and “Fallout 3.” The “Gears Of War” and “Assassin's Creed” games are also included, as well as “Red Dead Redemption” and “Left 4 Dead 2.” Microsoft has also made it possible for gamers to play “Dead Space,” “Borderlands” and “Mass Effect 1” on the Xbox One.

Microsoft chooses the most popular games that were played on the Xbox 360 in order to decide which make it onto the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Library.