Black Ops III
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The fourth DLC for “Call of Duty: Black Ops III,” called “Salvation,” brings to life four maps for players to explore. And while Treyarch’s idea behind each is commendable, not all of them are going to be well received.

The maps are Citadel, Micro, Outlaw and Rupture. While Citadel and Micro are new maps to the series, Outlaw and Rupture are respective re-imaginings of Standoff and Outskirts.

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Citadel is where players will get the opportunity to explore an ancient castle, which originally belonged to a powerful medieval army. In this mid-sized map, players can take advantage of several tight corners. Meanwhile, Micro is described as a more colourful map, where players are thrown into a family picnic table, full of larger bottles of condiments and food items.

On the other hand, Outlaw is a Western take on Standoff, while Rupture sports a high-tech and futuristic facility.

According to Destructoid, Citadel powerfully and strongly lives up to its description as it provides players with the right balance between combat and towering facilities. Furthermore, the greenery found in the map is soothing and a stark difference to the standard brown palette.

On the other hand, Micro is the most fun out of all four maps. Though it is not exactly explained why players are shrunk to the size of bugs, the different opportunities that the map provides is refreshing.

Standoff, while it is a re-imagining of a 4-year-old map, allows players plenty of room to explore. There are close-quarter offerings, but the map is large enough for some breathing room as well.

Meanwhile, the Rupture map is the most disappointing one in “Salvation.” While the theory behind it -- a “futuristic preservation society” -- is an exciting one, it is hardly explored during game play.

“Black Ops III: Salvation” is available for solo purchase for US$15 (AU$20). Players also have the option to purchase a US$50 (AU$65) season pass.