PS4 Slim Uncharted 4
Sony has confirmed a bundle featuring the PS4 Slim and the Uncharted game. PlayStation Blog

Sony has already announced the existence of two new consoles joining the PS4 family. Fans who are looking to change up their PS4 consoles may want to consider these new bundles. Some are coming with favourite titles, while some are slated to release alongside upcoming games.

Uncharted 4

“Uncharted 4” is one of the celebrated titles for the PS4. For those who want to relive the adventure, this s the best time to avail of the PS4 Slim “Uncharted 4” bundle option.

The PS4 Slim 500GB “Uncharted 4” bundle from Amazon, will come with a controller as well as the base game for US$299.99 (approx. AU$398), as announced over the PlayStation Blog. This will be out on Sept. 15, with major retailers ascertained to have the bundle.

NHL 17

Fans who are interested in buying the PS4 Slim may want to avail of the “NHL 17” bundle. According to Gaming-Age, the PS4 Slim “NHL 17” bundle will be exclusive to Canadian fans for now. It will feature the 500GB version of the PS4 Slim, priced at CA$379.99 (approx. AU$386).

This bundle will also be available on Sept. 1, though it is a limited time offer.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

While the PS4 Pro is not yet being bundled with particular games, there are a few new bundles hinted for preorder availability soon. There are three particular titles that have already been tagged to the new PS4 Slim.

The first is Infinity Ward’s “Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.” All three bundles for this year’s COD title are linked to a 1TB PS4 console with the Legacy Edition, a voucher for both “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” and “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered” or the base game.

The best thing for this bundle is to preorder it 30 days before the launch date of the game. This will let the player download the single-player campaign from the “Modern Warfare Remastered” title. this is slated for an Oct. 5 release date.

There’s also the “Call of Duty Infinite Warfare” Legacy Edition, which will include a Blu-Ray Disc version and the “Modern Warfare” Remastered version, set to debut on Nov. 4.

Watch Dogs 2

The upcoming adventure hacking title from Ubisoft Montreal will also have a PS4 1TB console bundle. The PS4 1TB “Watch Dogs 2” bundle will include a Blu-ray disc of the game as well as the original “Watch Dogs” title. In addition, this bundle will allow players access to the DLC packs 30 days earlyl, announced over the PlayStation Blog Europe.

The PS4 1TB “Watch Dogs 2” bundle will be out on Nov. 15.

Regular PS4 Pro 1TB

There’s also the standalone console that boasts a 1TB memory. This PS4 Pro will be sold for US$399.99 (approx. AU$530) and will be released on Nov. 10. This isn’t such a bad buy, considering that PS4 games cam be played on the PS4 Pro.

The bundle will include one DualShock 4 controller that already has the latest updates. A similar offer for the same price is also available via GameStop.