Pokemon Sun and Moon Lunala
Lunala is shown off as one of the Legendaries in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." The Pokemon Company

Most of the trailers and clips for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” have been reveals of different Pokemon and a few gameplay clips.

This time, a new Japanese trailer has a mash-up of all the revealed details so far, starting with the three starter Pokemon for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” facing off against each other.

More importantly, the two Legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala get a bit more screen time as they frolic in the new world. The two are shown in their CG-design glory set in the backdrop of day and night cycles expected in the game. Fans also get to see the new Pokemon in the game, including the many different forms of the Oricorio.

The PokeRide is also shown off in the video. There are three main options, such as the Lapras Swim, Sharpedo Jet and Charizard Flight. PokeRide appears to be a new way for players to travel across the Alola region using their Pokemon.

For those who may have missed the rundown of the Alolan versions of some of the Pokemon, there’s also a sneak peek of these new forms in action.

The two groups that players will be interacting or facing off with, Team Skull and the Aether Foundation are also seen. The latter seems to have their own facility, which looks very much like a cross between a research laboratory and a hospital.

There’s also a glimpse of the Ultra Beast, UB-01 which looks like a jellyfish. From the clip, it seems that UB-01 appears while the players are in the Aether Foundation facility. The Pokemon Company revealed in the official website that the mysterious beasts are actually a threat to the Alola region, so the Aether Foundation is conducting research on them.

A new and yet familiar face also show up in a blink-and-you’ll-miss shotIn 1:32 of the video, it is actually Professor Oak’s cousin named Nariya Oak or Samson Oak, in the English translation. Compared to the original Professor, he is tanned and has long hair. His research is focused on the regional variants of Pokemon that are in the Alola Region.

The next round of new details and news for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” is expected on Sept. 14.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” will be out on Nov. 18 in North America and Nov. 23 in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" Japanese trailer (Credit: YouTube/Pokemon Channel)