Destiny Rise of Iron
"Destiny Rise of Iron" will be out on Sept. 20. Bungie

Bungie has already launched the preparations for its upcoming “Destiny Rise of Iron” update. Dubbed as the update 2.4.0, this introduces a couple of changes in weapons, armour, activities, quests, the Crucible and the UI.

“In advance of the launch of Rise of Iron, we are preloading content. These changes will alter the Destiny Sandbox, update the player experience and prepare the world of the game for the next story we are about to tell,” said the developer team in the blog update.

It seems that Bungie’s main goal in rolling out the updates is that it plans to ensure that weapons will be a cohesive ecosystem—while damage of some weapons like the sniper rifle happens, there are some that are not affected, depending on whether or not they are a primary or a secondary weapon.

“We learn from our success and mistakes, scrutinise player activity from our vast reserves of player data, and come up with a plan of execution. With an expansion, we can change the balance landscape not only by modifying old guns, but also by creating new ones to fill missing roles and satisfy player desires.”

Exotic weapons will also have some major changes. The Fabian Strategy will be more effective now as it will automatically load a portion of the magazine. Comeback Thorn will now have damage over time, be more effective for class level range with Send It and become the fastest in fire rate for the Hand Cannons. However, Bungie has decided to reduce the base range by 25 percent.

Other exotics to see changes include the Universal Remote, Touch of Malice, Boolean Gemini and No Time to Explain. Sniper Rifles will see some drawbacks—it will now have reduced damage on mid-high impact and reduced target acquisition for the LDR 5001/Y-09 Longbow Synthesis.

“Destiny Rise of Iron” will be out on Sept. 20 for the PS4 and Xbox One.