Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Photo of Mobile Legends loading page. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

February update of the “Mobile Legends” introduced the new hero, Yi Sun-shin. There are now many players using this hero as he is both a melee and long range attacker. On top of this though, he is apparently difficult to use, according to the game’s information.

According to his background, Yi Sun-shin is a famous general in the Asian kingdom. When his nation was in danger, he was able to build a powerful navy and created the iron-armored "turtle ship." This led him to lead the Korean navy to defeat over 330 enemy warships with only 12 ships. After gaining triumph in the Battle of Myeongnyang, he became a legend.

With this background, he also comes with amazing skills. However, this is not enough. Every “Mobile Legends” player knows that it is important to build a hero’s gear set. Furthermore, it is a must to upgrade the emblems the heroes use. For Sun-shin, the emblem build will use the Physical Emblem Set. The Abilities is dependent on what the player would want to choose. The most important part of building Sun-shin is the gear set. There are certainly many ways “Mobile Legends” players can build the gear set for their favourite hero.

Initially, Sun-shin comes with the usual build: Tooth of Greed, Thor’s Sting, Swift Boots, Wind Chaser, Blade of Destruction and Saint’s Refuge. In the customised gear build, players will need to put these items in order. Tooth of Greed, Blade of Destruction, Magic Shoes, Fallen Sword, Thor’s Sting and Saint’s Refuge (or Immortality).

The first item allows the hero to increase both attack power and lifesteal. Lifesteal is really important to the game as you do not have to keep going back to your base to heal. As you kill or hit an enemy or enemy troop, your hero will slowly regenerate. The second is Blade of Destruction. Getting this early on in the game will help heroes be a cut above the rest. It deals heavy damage to the opponents. The third is Magic Shoes. This will help Sun-shin be quicker on his feet and get away from the opponents faster. In addition to this, it also has a 10 percent cooldown on special skills. The Fallen Sword and Thor’s Sting both increase the attack speed. The former adds lifesteal while the latter adds critical damage. The sixth and last gear is either Saint’s Refuge or Immortality. These two will increase the hero’s HP. The latter, although expensive, will have an additional rebirth effect wherein if the hero dies, they will come back to life.

This gear set should help players become an MVP if used correctly.