Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Photo of Mobile Legends loading page. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

“Mobiles Legends” has become a global sensation for MOBA fanatics. Beyond persistent complaints of server issues and lagging problems, players are still at it nonetheless. Recently, a new update came in just in time for Valentine’s Day. There are new events, hero skins and hero balancing adjustments. There are players who are sad to learn, though, about some of the nerfed popular heroes used in the game.

Android and iOS smartphone owners were able to receive updates on Feb. 12 and Feb. 14, respectively. In the new patch update, a new hero, Yi Sun-shin, was introduced into the game. Although the character costs 32,000 battle points or 599 Diamonds (in-game premium currency), players clamoured to get their hands on this amazing melee and range shooter hero.

Beyond the new hero introduced in the February update, there were some heroes that were believed to be nerfed. Marksman hero Clint’s initial attack power has been decreased by seven points. Although it may not seem that much of a difference, players have complained that they cannot “kill as fast” after the update.

Karina and Lolita’s special skills have also been nerfed a bit. According to the update description, when Karina gets “a kill or an assist,” this will reduce the cooldown time for both Elusiveness and Dance of Death. However, it is only adjusted to be 6.5 sec at all levels. This is compared to the previous instant cooldown after a kill or assist. Furthermore, she will only be immune to attacks for 2s instead of the usual 3s that increases with the hero’s level.

Lolita did not get nerfed as much as Karina’s special skills. However, her Protective Shield skill now can be penetrated by Rafaela’s Ult. This is unlike before wherein Lolita’s shield can protect her and her teammates from attacks.

‘Mobile Legends’ battle arena adjustments

Beyond character optimisation in the game, there are also changes and adjustments in the battle arena. According to the update description, the change:

  • Adjusts the formula of attack speed calculating. Now marksmen can benefit more from their own stats growth while less from the bonus provided by equipment. Overall, marksmen will grow and acquire strength faster.
  • Can no longer resists damage dealt by the turrets. Affected heroes include: Lolita, Karina, and Natalia.
  • Of melee super minions increases by 100 pts.
  • Optimises the control performance of circular skill indicator.
  • In Hero Lock mode, enemy avatars now will no longer show up after you die.
  • Increases the maximum limit on the number of letters in the battleground chat from 40 bits to 60 bits.
  • Optimises the recommended gears for Miya, Balmond, Alucard, Bane, Bruno, Clint, Eudora, Yun Zhao, Layla, Gord, Kagura, Chou, and Alpha.