"Mobile Legends" Alice
In-game screenshot of "Mobile Legends" hero, Alice Moonton

If you fancy heroes who use magic more than their brute strength, then Alice is the perfect champion for you. This “Mobile Legend” guide will help you to properly use this Blood Demon Queen to her fullest potential.

Alice's stats and skills in the game

This time around, this “Mobile Legends” guide will give you the ups and downs of the champion Alice. She is indeed a great combatant who has skills similar to Gord but she can be a problem at first. She is one of the slowest heroes in the game. Both her movement speed and attack speed are very slow. To compensate with this disadvantage, she has the highest mana bar compared to all the heroes.

With the help of her high mana, storage players can do a skill frenzy in their battles. Her passive skill called Blood Ancestry allows her to kill minions and use their blood to increase her magic damage. Her first active skill is called Flowing Blood. This skill allows her to shoot a huge sphere of blood towards her target. Any enemy within the path of the blood sphere will be hit.

Her second skill is called Blood Awe. This will attack enemies within the target range and at the same time stun them. Her final skill is called Blood Ode. This skill allows her to suck blood from her enemies for four seconds.

The perfect skill rotation for Alice is to first use her Flowing Blood skill then follow it up with her Blood Ode skill. Once the target’s HP has drained significantly, this is the time to use her Blood Awe skill to stun the enemies and prevent them from escaping while players do the rotation again.

Perfect build for Alice

Since her focus is mostly on magic damage, it is best to build her with magic enhancers and speed booster gears. Players can start of with Guardian Relic. This gear will increase her magic damage.

Follow it up by equipping the Enchanted Talisman gear. This will increase her magic damage and mana regeneration. This gear will also reduce her skill’s cooldown rate. The next gear to equip is the Arcane Boots. It allows her to increase her movement speed and at the same time increased her magic defence.

Next up is purchasing the Flame Fury gear. This gear adds magic damage, increases movement speed and increases magic defence. The Astral Wand gear will be the next item to focus on since it will further increase Alice’s magic damage. Finish your build with Blood Wings to increase her magic damage even more.

To end this “Mobile Legends” guide, you always have to remember to equip her up properly first. Take your sweet time to achieve the perfect build then you can use the Queen of the Apocalypse gear to bestow havoc to your enemies.