Pokemon GO
Dennis Hwang, art director of Niantic Inc, speaks during a news conference in Seoul, South Korea, January 24, 2017. Reuters/Seo Myeong-gon/Yonhap

“Pokemon GO,” “Fire Emblem Heroes” and “Super Mario Run” are pretty popular games on the market. Even though “Fire Emblem Heroes” may never reach “Pokemon GO” standards, there are certain aspects of the game that “Pokemon GO” can adopt to maximise revenues and also make the gameplay more interesting. The “Fire Emblem Heroes” make the gameplay interesting via numerous features including unlocking moves and levelling up a variety of heroes. “Fire Emblem Heroes” is lot more focused on monetisation.

According to Forbes, “PokePacks” may not be a good idea for Niantic in “Pokemon GO.” These packs are simply a bunch of randomised Pokemon arriving at different rarities. Niantic should also allow players to create more powerful versions of Pokemon by merging together same Pokemon. Rather than having trainers assemble armies of 6-7 Vaporeon, Rhydons, Dragonites among others, it always a better idea to allow trainers merge them together to create more powerful versions.

“Pokemon GO” players will love it if they are able to merge duplicate Pokemon, resulting in a minor CP boost. The Stardust giant pool feature is also questionable as many a time, players have to waste it on the unworthy. Niantic should know by now that limiting “Pokemon GO” gameplay can be disastrous even when it is a good of making money. The only time players need to wait is when they run out of PokeBalls. It should stay that way. “Fire Emblem Heroes” has this problem.

At higher levels, players can complete only two to three missions before the entire stamina bar is exhausted. Players then have to wait for hours to replenish the stamina bar. Such a thing should never be implemented in “Pokemon GO.” Many gamers feel that “Pokemon GO’s” move and battle system must be revamped as players don’t have the ability to choose their moves as they go or level up Pokemon. This is because moves are assigned randomly. On the other hand, “Fire Emblem Heroes” has an SP system.

This system allows players to spend a separate currency on getting bigger and better moves with more kills and level ups. Moreover, “Pokemon GO” may also use the “friend” system of “Fire Emblem Heroes.” The system allows friends of players to give daily bonuses. This is important for Institute Trading and also to make “Pokemon GO” a clan-based game with different teams. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on “Pokemon GO.”