Pokemon Sun and Moon
"Pokemon Sun and Moon" will have a day/night cycle, new 'mons and new features. The Pokemon Company

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” third global mission is already a success due to a focus on the Global Trading System that helped players bring home the bacon. The success of the global mission breaks a few months of bad luck for players.

They had a hard time completing the mission more so because the previous two missions were big fails. “Sun and Moon” events do not always yield free prizes. But when they do, it’s always a happy occasion. There’s still a week to go and players can join to cash in on others’ hard work and get free Festival coins.

According to Tech.Mic, the third global mission requires players to complete one million trades and that has already been accomplished. The event will go on until Feb. 13, and this means new “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players who join will automatically win prizes. Ones taking part in the mission will garner 2,000 Festival Coins. Players can double the rewards to 4,000 Festival Coins by linking their game to a PGL account. A Festival Coin is a currency within Festival Plaza where players interact online. The Pokemon Global Link has all the details.

The “Pokemon Sun and Moon” global event rewards do not stop at 4,000 Festival Coins though. If the event’s total trade hits the 2,000,000 mark, players will be treated to a Friend Ball. This PokeBall is pretty uncommon and maximises a Pokemon’s happiness. Moreover, players who carry out five trades may obtain a rare candy. According to Video Games Republic, the strategy that players used was to trade Magnemite over and over again. They were asked to refresh the Magnemite Stock Exchange.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” players can easily find Magnemite on the first island’s Trainer School. Trainers need to set up Magnemite for trade and in return ask for Magnemite. Next, players need to find other players looking for Magnemites and then trade a second one. The idea is to keep trading Magnemites until the challenge is complete. Players can take part in the global mission by entering the Festival Plaza area using the lower screen on the 3DS. Once players walk into the castle behind the game’s avatar, they need to speak to the person on the right.

Doing this will allow “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players obtain the Game Sync ID. Players need to link the ID with the Global Link website so that they can double their loot at the end of the event. The Global Trade System will allow players to trade Pokemon and request Pocket Monsters. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”