"Mobile Legends" Alice
In-game screenshot of "Mobile Legends" hero, Alice Moonton

In the game’s February update, “Mobile Legends” included the new voice chat feature in the game. Much like online games on consoles, players can now talk to their teammates in the game. However, not every mobile has this feature yet.

In the recent system update, the “Mobile Legends” developers left a note in the inbox saying that they have invited selected users to test out the new in-game voice function. If a player was chosen, they would receive a message in their inbox. This is the message that they would receive:

“Dear player, we have invited selected users to join us to test out our brand new in-game voice chatting function, congratulations on being selected as one of our trial participants!

"To begin, you can go to “Options-Chat Settings-Battleground Voice Chat” to activate the voice chatting function. During the battles, click on the microphone button next to the mini map start voice chatting with your teammates. Battle ground voice chat function will be available for a period of time, following which we will be collecting your user feedback in order to make further improvements as needed. Thank you for your support for Mobile Legends!”

This message would get a lot of players excited as they would be part of the beta testing “Mobile Legends” is aiming to incorporate in the game. However, according to some players who were selected, the in-game feature does not work properly. Apparently, the players cannot hear the others talking or the teammates cannot hear them talking. On the other hand, someone pointed out that maybe the teammates were not selected to try out the voice feature. Therefore, they really will not hear it.

Another problem that occurred with the in-game voice chat feature is those who were chosen cannot turn it on in their settings. In the message, it says to go to Option > Chat Settings > Battleground Voice Chat. However, it seems that those invited cannot find the voice chat option in the menu. Therefore, it was not tried out by those selected.

Jigsaw event trade-swap

Mobile-Legends.net is holding a game-wide trade-and-swap forum on its website. This will help players complete their jigsaw event before time runs out. Although they can simply do the four tasks in the Jigsaw giftbox to grab more puzzles, trading is the best way to make sure that they are getting the puzzle piece they need.

The jigsaw event will be around for one more day. After the event finishes, players can trade or swap puzzle pieces for the next three days. This is all before the puzzle pieces will become useless in the game.