Mobile Legends guide: Tips and tricks on how to use Eudora efficiently
In-game screenshot of the Lightning Sorceress, Eudora Moonton

For players who are familiar with the likes of Alice and her magic skills but has a hard time controlling her, we have another alternative who is as good as her just for you. This “Mobile Legends” guide will allow you to familiarise yourself with the thunder hero, Eudora. This guide will help you make her into a strong ally.

Eudora’s skills and skill rotation

Eudora is not only a magic user, but she is also able to stand on her own when it comes to physical attacks. Her passive skill is called Superconductor, which increases her other skills every time she hits her enemies and marks them.

Her first skill is called Forked Lightning. This causes magic damage to all the enemies in front of her. Marked enemies will have an additional decrease in magic resistance. Her next skill is called Electric Arrow. This skill will stun her enemies and at the same time will deal magic damage to enemies. The stun has longer duration for those marked enemies.

Her final skill is called Thunderstruck. This deals a massive magic attack to all the enemies in her skill’s range. The marked enemies will deal additional magic damage.

The best skill rotation is to start off with Electric Arrow to stun your foes. Follow it up with your Thunderstruck. Those who are lucky enough to survive her ultimate skill might not be so lucky if they receive damage from Eudora's Forked Lightning skill.

Eudora’s best gears for her build

You should focus on increasing her magic damage and speed since she is a magic-based hero. Use Frost as your first gear. This item will increase her magic damage, mana regeneration and movement speed all at the same time.

Her next gear would be the Enchanted Talisman. This gear will increase her magic damage, HP and mana regeneration. It will also decrease her skill cooldown. The next gear on your list is the Magic Shoes. This equipment will give her added movement speed and decrease her cooldown rate.

The Feathers of Heaven gear will allow Eudora to increase her magic damage and her attack speed. Blood Wings will also help her increase her magic damage even more. Her final build would be the Guardian Relic. This item will further increase her magic attack and damage.

To finish this “Mobile Legends” guide, you need to always remember to check on your equipped emblem. Always make sure that the emblem that you will choose for her is the Magic Emblem set. This will further enhance her magic skills and deal more damage to your enemies.