Photo of Cylcops' Skin.

Cyclops is the newest hero in “Mobile Legends.” This guide will offer the best gear build when using Cyclops.

Cyclops is the newest hero that was added recently in the game. He got his name as he only has one big eye and may be the smallest and shortest hero to come to the game, as of the latest update. He is also known as a Starsoul Magician. This strong new character can be made stronger with a few gear build changes.

Broken damage build

In “Mobile Legends,” players can change the gear that will aid heroes to become the best among the others in the battle field. Cyclops is a hero that can deal great damage but changing his gears can offer greater advantage for the player and team. To be able to make Cyclops more durable and have increased damage, players will need to change his gear to the following: Enchanted Talisman, Guardian Relic, Arcane Boots (or the Speed Boots), Astral Wand, Fleeting Time and Eternal Scepter (or Concentrated Energy). The Eternal Scepter will allow Cyclops to have more HP as he can die easily if players do not build him with more gear that offers more HP.

Hero background

According to his background, he is a giant with only one eye. He was apparently obsessed with the stars and skies as a child. Therefore, he watched day and night to uncover the truth about the planets. While he discovered that the planets were moving all the time, he also found that these movements held magic power. He carries an hourglass that helps control the magic of the skies and stars. It is said that since the planetary movements will never cease, his powers makes him both powerful and invincible. However, this made him feel lonely. Cyclops arrived at a place called Land of Dawn during one of his space travels and found that there were opponents that he needed to defeat.

Price and skin

The hero is available for purchase for 15,000 Battle Points or 279 Diamonds, which is the premium in-game currency. However, the hero just has a 30 percent discount on the Diamonds for its first week, according to the official “Mobile Legends” blog. It originally costs 399 Diamonds.

Just like when Moskov was released, Cyclops is also offered with a Skin. His Skin is called Exorcist. Cyclops and the Skin can be bought for 269 Diamonds. However, if buyers have already bought the hero, players can go buy the gift pack which will allow them to buy the skin for 189 Diamonds.