Screenshot from Mobile Legends game
Screenshot from Mobile Legends game. Yun Zhao

“Mobile Legends” hero Yun Zhao is known to be the son of the Great Dragon. It is said that he is sworn to roam from world to world assisting wise rulers by the Dragon’s decree. This is, of course, in his in-game background. In the arena, Zhao is merely a Fighter/Assassin hero with some great special skills that can kill many opposing heroes.

This hero’s special skills include Dragon Flurry, Spear Flip, Spear Strike and Superior Warrior. The first special skill is a passive skill. Every six seconds of an attack, the next basic attack will combo hit the target multiple times. This will deal a total of two times the basic physical attack. The second is the Spear Flip. This special skill lifts an enemy over his head. It deals over 300 physical damage and slows down the target’s movement speed by two. This skill has an eight-second cooldown with an 80 Mana cost.

The third is the Spear Strike. Yun Zhao will charge at the target and will deal 260 physical damage while lowering the target’s speed by 30 percent. This skill has a 10-second cooldown with an 80 Mana cost. Supreme Warrior is the fourth and final special skill for Yun Zhao. This skill raises movement speed by 30 percent, attack speed by 45 percent and the character becomes immune to all slow down effects. This is only for six seconds with a 30-second cooldown and 120 Mana cost.

With these special skills, it is no wonder that a lot of “Mobile Legends” players clamour over getting this character in the game. Furthermore, if this hero is built with amazing items or gears, then he is all the more unstoppable. Here are the list of items needed of the Yun Zhao build.

Tooth of Greed (+75 Physical Attack / 25 percent Lifesteal/ Frenzy): When HP drops below 20 percent, the hero will receive an extra 10 percent physical lifesteal. This item is important for sustaining laning that you will get from lifesteal.

Swift Boots (15 percent Attack Speed / +40 Movement speed): This is a must-have item for all heroes in game. This is usually best as a second or third item to buy in the game as most of the heroes are not too quick on their feet. Yun Zhao also needs this as it will be easier to go in and attack someone then leave.

BruteForce Breastplate (+770 HP/+40 Armour/Unique Passive): Attacking an enemy will increase one’s capabilities, increasing movement speed by 2% and physical attack by 3 percent. The passive effect lasts 4 seconds and can stack up to 4 times. This is great when used with the Superior Warrior special skill.

Cursed Helmet (+920 HP/+50 Magic Resistance/Unique Passive): Sacrifice deals 2 percent of one’s max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies. As you can see, there is an armour and magic resistance build up from both the Bruteforce and cursed helmet. These are important so that Yun Zhao can last longer in teamfights. Therefore, it is best to invest in armor and magic resist for later game.

Demon’s Advent (+920 HP/+54 Armor/Deter): When an enemy hero attacks, this ability will reduce his/her attack power by 4 percent. This item works well with Yun Zhao’s offensive and defense stats.

Blade of Despair (+130 Physical Attack/+25 percent Attack Speed/+10 percent Critical Strike Chance/Despair): Deals an extra 15 percent damage to an enemy in any abnormal state such as stunned, knocked airborne, transformed and disabled. This item has everything you want and need from damage. The critical chance is perfect for the late game build. Plus, you will be able to deal a decent plat damage and attack speed boost.

Remember that when using Zhao, you are not a tank. You will need to easily hit and then run from your opponents. Although Zhao can easily be killed if not used right, he can also deal a lot of damage and become crowd control in clashes.