'Mobile Legends' Johnson Mustang: Skill guide for the upcoming Tank Champion
Upcoming hero, Johnson Mustang Facebook/Mobile Legends:Bang Bang

Another new champion has been included in the rapidly growing character roster of “Mobile Legends.” Johnson Mustang is the newest Tank hero that players can later on opt to play with if they fancy using a heavily armoured, crowd controlling character.

The latest character has been released in the game on March 14, worldwide. Players can use the build guide listed below as their basis for what equipment or gear should they use for this new character. These are just the basic and ideal equipment that players can use, but it will still depend on how the player would want to use the new “Moblie Legends” character during battles.

Recommended build for 'Mobile Legend' hero, Johnson Mustang

First thing that is needed to be purchased is the Rapid Boots. Knowing that tank heroes are very slow when it comes to both movement and attack speed, an increase in movement speed is a must during the earlier part of battles.

This can be followed by equipping the item Demon’s Advent to the player's character. This item will increase both armour and health status of the hero. This will also cause reduced attack power to any hit that Johnson will take.

The third item to be purchased during prep is the Cursed Helmet. Once this is equipped, it will give the hero an additional 920 in health status and magic resistance. The item will also activate a unique passive skill called Sacrifice, where the hero will deal 2 percent of his maximum health as magic damage per second to nearby enemies.

The Bloodthirsty King is the next item to be equipped. This will once again add another 1550 health and activate health regen as well. It will also activate the unique passive skill called Bloodlust, which will regenerate 20 percent of the hero's health within five seconds once a kill or assist kill is made.

The next item to be purchased is the Blade Armor. This equipment will add another 100 in the character’s armour statistics. It will also activate the passive skill Counterstrike, which deals 25 percent of the opponent’s physical attack as physical damage to an attacker when a basic attack is received.

The final gear to be equipped for this new character, as explained by the Mobile-Legends website, is the Immortality item. This will once again add additional 800 health and 40 magic resistance.

This item will also activate the passive skill Rebirth, which has a cooldown effect of 180 seconds. The skill will allow the hero to be resurrected two seconds after drying with and inclusion of 15 percent regeneration of health and a shield that can absorb damage that is equal to 40 percent of the maximum health. The shield will only last for three seconds.

This summarises the basic gear build for “Mobile Legends” Johnson Mustang. Once again, this is just the basic and most advisable gears that can be equipped if players plan to truly use this hero as a tank in battles.