Miss Colombia, who was crowned Miss Universe 2015 for a couple of minutes, is ready to sit down for an interview with pageant host Steve Harvey, who erroneously gave her the crown only to take it back later. Ariadna Gutierrez will appear on The Steve Harvey Show for a face-off, which is expected to air in the week of Jan. 18, Entertainment Tonight reports. Gutierrez asked fans on Twitter if she should appear on the show or not.

“Guys! What do you think, should I do a sit-down with ‪@IAmSteveHarvey ? ‪#AryNoCrownRequired ‪#ArySpeaksOut,” she wrote on Twitter alongside a poll.

As of Jan 9, 72 percent wanted Gutierrez to go on the show and hear Harvey's side of story. “Steve misread the card. You should sit down with the judges and ask them why you didn't win,” wrote one Twitter user. However, 28 percent also asked the beauty queen to move on with her life as there is “no use to cry over spilled milk.”

“No need. The judges didn't pick you. It doesn't make you the winner,” said one of the comments on Twitter.

“Move on sweetheart! & act like a true beauty queen. Show to the world what u'r made of,” wrote another person on Twitter.

If the face-off happens, it will mark the first time Harvey and the Miss Universe runner-up come face-to-face publicly since the pageant mishap. While hosting the Miss Universe pageant on Dec. 20, Harvey erroneously crowned Miss Colombia as the winner.

Gutierrez stood on stage wearing the crown for a couple of minutes, waving to the crowd in excitement, but her winning moment did not last. A minute later, Harvey revealed that the title actually belonged to Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach.

“Because it is a dream I fought for. … I have always dreamed of this, of being Miss Universe… It was very humiliating for me,” Miss Colombia said in an exclusive interview with Colombian radio station, W Radio. Read more about it here. In a recent interview with ET, Wurtzbach said that if she was in the place of Miss Colombia, she would be equally upset.