A former notorious Mexican drug lord was killed Saturday by a gunman dressed as a clown. The remains of Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, 63, was found in Los Cabos. His body was discovered at a rented beach house and his relatives confirmed his identity when reported to Associated Press.

Isai Arias told BBC that Felix got a couple of bullets. The gunman hit him in the head and the other in the chest, causing his immediate death. Arias is an official at the Baja California state government.

The gunman, disguising as a clown, wore a red nose and a wig. The motive of the killing has yet to be established. Felix became notorious in the 1990s when he controlled the illegal drug industry in Tijuana, along with his brothers. However, the gang was dwarfed by the death of its several leaders. Those who were not killed got arrested.

Felix was noted for his brutal and violent ways during his leadership. He was sent to prison when his gang was identified. John Kirby, a San Diego former federal prosecutor, said Felix was never a prominent leader in the the gang when he was imprisoned. He got arrested even before the gang reached its most violent activities. Kirby was responsible for co-writing an indictment in 2003 against Felix's leadership. He cited many Mexicans were quite concerned when Felix was about to be released from jail.

Felix was deported to the U.S. in 2006 to face the charges in California. The charges originated in 1980 where he was accused of selling cocaine to one undercover office in the U.S. He got sentenced for 6 years under illegal selling of prohibited drugs. He was later on granted parole and deported back to Mexico in 2008.