Mexican doctors figuring out how to help 52-year-old man with world’s biggest male genital

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When Jonah Falcon became a YouTube sensation with his “It’s Too Big” video which has garnered more than 2.2 million views, the 42-year-old actor was considered a record holder. His manhood was 9 inches when flaccid and 13.5 inches when erect.

However, the New York Daily News reported on Monday that a 52-year-old Mexican man has unseated Falcon. Vanguardia, a Mexican newspaper, claims that Roberto Esquivel Cabrera is longer by about by 6 inches at almost 19 inches.

Like Falcon, Cabrera finds having an enormous penis has its downside more than its upside as men would smaller or average genitals think. Women are afraid to have sex with him because of his size. A YouTube video about him, in Mexican language, posted on Aug 29, 2015, gives an indication of problem with the bulge reaching up to his knee.

It’s not just the length that is Cabrera’s problem but also the circumference since at 10 inches, he finds it difficult to kneel in church. What’s worse is that he has a difficult time finding a job because the bulge makes it hard for him to move that the “poor” man is on government assistance.

PluckHue2, who commented on the YouTube video claims that Cabrera has to eat out of garbage dumps to survive. However, another commenter, Jay Bradley, suggests that Cabrera become a porn actor instead, which the jobless said he is open to.

Fortunately for Falcon, he has some other skills that he uses to find work such as scriptwriting and singing since he was a legitimate actor before he went public with his problem.

Cabrera, who provide medical imaging of his organ to back up his claim, is undergoing tests at a local health centre as doctors figure out how to help him. A 17-year-old American with a similar problem underwent a penis-reduction surgery in early 2015 at the University of South Florida hospital.

The urologist who performed the procedure, Rafael Carrion, said he did two side tummy tucks by cutting two sections of the flesh from both sides of the teen’s genital. The teen’s surgery was reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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