Mercedes Corby
Mercedes Corby (L), sister of Australian Schapelle Corby who was jailed for drug smuggling, and lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea attend a news conference in Jakarta October 14, 2005. Reuters/Dadang Tri

Mercedes Corby faces an apprehended violence order (AVO) against her issued by her business partner. Former pro surfer Trudy Todd and long-time friend Mercedes opened a tapas bar last year.

The police have filed an AVO against Mercedes on behalf of Todd, with whom Mercedes opened the Coolangatta’s Laneway cocktail and tapas bar on the Gold Coast in August 2016. Mercedes, sister of convicted Bali drug smuggler Schapelle Corby, returned to Australia last year.

Mercedes and Todd had met in Bali. Todd is recognised as one of the Gold Coast’s first female surf stars. She achieved the third position in the 1999 world surf tour. After retiring from the world surfing tour in 2005, Todd has spent time in Bali.

According to Glitter Strip Bare (via Courier Mail), Todd described Mercedes as her “bestie.” Todd further said, “We both moved back to the Gold Coast from Bali and found there was really nowhere in Coolangatta for the locals to go out and feel like a local.” She had described the tapas bar as a “social networking hub and clothing boutique in the daytime and a groovy bar with live music, DJs and a marketta at night.”

On Tuesday, Mercedes and Todd faced each other in court following the issuance of the complaint against Mercedes. However, no information has been provided as to why Todd issued an AVO against Mercedes.

As noted by AAP, Corby had previously spent more than a decade in the Indonesian capital during the period of Schapelle’s conviction. In May 2014, Schapelle was released on parole but, as a condition of her parole, remains in Bali.

According to, in announcing the opening of her tapas bar, Mercedes had said in an interview that she hopes Schapelle, upon her release, would be able to come and work with her.

The matter will return to the court on Feb. 19. Mercedes and Todd will be entering witness statements.