'Lucifer' season 4: Brand new character being added

By @sachintrivedig on
A picture of Tom Ellis (left) as Lucifer Morningstar and D. B. Woodside (right) as Amenadiel in the "Lucifer" TV series. Facebook/ Lucifer

There will be some big changes in “Lucifer” season 4. A brand new character is reportedly being introduced on the show, and this character will dramatically shake things up. The story is expected to be a continuation of what happened in the season 3 finale, and not the two bonus episodes that were released later.

According to a report by TVLine, the new character will have a connection to Morningstar’s (Tom Ellis) past, and the character will “bring a whole new dimension to everything.” The report confirms that the new character isn’t the Angel of Death Azrael (Charlyne Yi), a character introduced in the bonus episodes.

Since the TV series has been picked up by Netflix all the episodes will be released at the same time, instead of one episode per week schedule. 

Cameras are yet to begin rolling for “Lucifer” season 4, but it is expected to wrap production by December this year. The fans can expect the season to premiere by early 2019, after the postproduction process is complete for all the episodes.

While it is good news that the show has been picked up, some fans may be disappointed to know that there will be fewer episodes on the show in season 4. According to a report by DigitalSpy, there will be only 10 episodes of the show next year. The good news is that some episodes may be longer than before.

Each episode in the next season will be around 43 minutes long, which is the standard for the show. However, the current discussions with Netflix revolves around the producers asking for some flexibility on this time limit. In case they feel that a certain sequence is good for the show, and they don’t want to cut it just because of the time limit, they are hoping they will be allowed to keep it.

The fans should not, however, hope for hour-and-a-half episodes in season 4.