A poster of TV series "Lucifer." Lucifer/ Facebook

“Lucifer” season 4 is finally happening. It’s official! The popular TV series has been picked up by Netflix. Details about the start of production and the plot should be announced soon!

Ever since “Lucifer” was cancelled by Fox, fans have been anxious about whether or not the show will get picked up another studio. Some fans started a “Save Lucifer” campaign that quickly spread across the interest, and it caught the attention of a few studio executives. Amazon was also in the race to take the show, but Netflix emerged as the final winner.

The announcement was made on the official Twitter page of the TV series [see below]. No other details have been made public at this time.

There were two bonus episodes of “Lucifer” that were released after the season 3 finale. The episodes gave the TV series a fresh start, with the story of all the characters shifting to a new dimension with no memory of all the incidents that happened so far on the show.

The new storyline shows Chloe (Lauren German) as an actress who has a keen interest in pursuing a career in the police force. The Devil (Tom Ellis) is his usual self, helping Dan (Kevin Alejandro) with his police cases.

All the characters except the devil get a different backstory, which affects their personality a little differently. The bonus episodes also added a whole new dimension to Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia), with the addition of a new character who is not only friends with Ella but is also close to Morningstar.

It remains to be seen whether “Lucifer” season 4 will pick up from this storyline or if they will come up with a totally different plot. The way season 3 ended, there’s no going back to the fun exchanges of the Devil and the detective, so the producers may have to continue the story from the bonus episodes.