A poster of TV series "Lucifer." Lucifer/ Facebook

The “Save Lucifer” campaign seems to bearing fruit, as Amazon is currently discussing internally the revival of the show. In a recent interview, the studio’s head Jennifer Salke revealed that they are considering taking the show.

In an interview with Deadline, Salke revealed that the international team of the studio is “really bullish” about the possibilities with the show. The UK team is apparently the most keen on getting the show onto Amazon.

These conversations are still internal, and no decision has been made yet. Even if the show gets picked up, the fans will have to wait for a while before seeing the story continue.

Amazon has become a saviour of cancelled shows, and the studio recently revived the Sci-Fi TV series “The Expanse.” Salke pointed out that there was a great deal of pressure from the fans to buy this show. From Jeff Bezos getting emails from celebrity author George RR Martin and Craigslist founder, to Salke getting cakes delivered; the interest in the show was clear.

It remains to be seen if the fan interest and the teams in Amazon studio pushing to buy “Lucifer” will be enough for the executives to order the show.

“Lucifer” TV series is about the Devil having spent enough time in Hell deciding to spend some time on Earth. He settles down in Los Angeles, falls in love with a detective, and assists the police in solving crimes. All this happens while his brother from Heaven, under orders from God, comes down to convince the Devil to go back.

Three season of “Lucifer” have aired so far, and the fans also got a taste of what could happen in season 4 in the form of two bonus episodes. The bonus episodes teased a reboot of the show, with the story set in another dimension, and the show introduced an interesting new character to shake things up.