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“Lucifer” season 2 episode 16 was all about daddy issues. While investigating a case, Morningstar discovers a patient who claims to be God. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that it could actually be him. The following article contains spoilers.

The plan to go to Heaven is on hold because they can’t get the Flaming Sword to work. So Morningstar (Tom Ellis) goes back to work. Another murder investigation leads him to a man who claims to be God. Intrigued, the Devil wants to meet this “fraud” impersonating his father.

“Hello son,” the mental patient greets Morningstar. This is obviously no proof, because that’s how God would greet all his children. But when he calls out the name Samael, the real name of the Devil, suspicion turns into belief. Dad has come down to earth.

Morningstar shares the details of his encounter with his brother, but Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) refuses to believe. The name Samael could have been picked up from the internet, he reasons. Nevertheless, the Devil decides to go undercover to help catch the killer and also investigate the mental patient claiming to be God.

Convinced that the mental patient is his dad, Morningstar helps him escape. He then plans a parent trap- a romantic evening between Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) and the mental patient who goes by the name God Johnson (Timothy Omundson). The two kiss briefly but are interrupted by Chloe (Lauren German).

God Johnson and Morningstar are sent back to the mental asylum. This is the time the killer strikes. The murderer is dressed in Santa Claus outfit. She drugs both the Devil and his supposed father. While the two are bound, there is a tender father-son moment when the father apologises.

The killer, of course, is stopped in the nick of time by the detective. While being rescued, God Johnson doesn’t want his belt removed. With the belt gone, the mental patient is back to who he was before acting like the divine being. That’s when Morningstar discovers the belt buckle as a missing piece of the Flaming Sword. God Johnson was only acting under the influence of the divine object.

The Flaming Sword still doesn’t work. Morningstar is now furious because he knows the apology he got was not from his dad, and more importantly, it is something that he will never get.