“The Hunger Games” couple Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth made a public appearance together in Los Angeles on Saturday. The on-screen couple was joined by their co-star Josh Hutcherson as the trio was honoured with their own hand and footprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

Lawrence, Hemsworth and Hutcherson were all smiles at the ceremony where they bent down on the cemented area to leave the prints of their hands and feet. As expected, the actress brought her effervescent charm and sense of humour to the event when she quipped to the crowd that she has not prepared for any speech.

“We're very grateful — I think I can say that on behalf of everyone here. Anyway, Liam?" Lawrence is quoted as saying, according to E! News.

The actress plays the protagonist Katniss Everdeen in the “Hunger Games'” next franchise “Mockingjay, Part 2.” The film, which is expected to be released on Nov. 20, sees Lawrence in her “Girl on Fire” avatar as she leads the rebels in one final attack against President Snow and The Capitol.

After the ceremony, the actors held a press conference to talk about their upcoming film. Lawrence spoke about how she became attached to everyone on the sets, including the children.

"I feel that I had two endings with Katniss. One when we wrapped the film in Berlin and that was kind of saying goodbye to the movie and then I had a moment with my nephews about a year later," Lawrence said.

"They played my children in the scene that we shot so it was an amazing closure to this character that I've loved for so many years to have my family there, my blood family, I got to say goodbye to both."

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