'The Last kingdom'
A still from "The Last Kingdom" season 2. Facebook/ The Last Kingdom

The release date of “The last Kingdom” season 2 has been announced. The fans will have to wait just two more weeks to watch their favourite show. The first full trailer, and new pictures have also been released online.

The TV series is set to return on March 16. The trailer [see below] shows Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) as the “embodiment” of the new England that has to emerge from the ongoing bloody war. The protagonist is both a Saxon and a Dane, and only he can be the bridge between the two peoples.

Uhtred, however, doesn’t have big lofty ambitions like Alfred (David Dawson). While the king looks to the security of the realm and the salvation of his people, the protagonist has his own path to follow. The character may be looking to reclaim his lands from his uncle.

Alfred feels that Uhtred is moving towards his destiny. But the trailer shows there will be problems along the way. One of the problems is the people not happy with taking orders from a man who was raised as a Dane.

Uhtred may be put in charge of the Saxon forces in “The Last Kingdom” season 2, after he proved his worth to Alfred in the first season. So, the fans can expect more battles.

There will be new characters on the show this year. There will be high drama and Uhtred using his fists to do some of the talking. The betrayals he faced in the first season cost him the King’s favour and his very life. It will be interesting to see what new challenges the hero will face this time around. The trailer also shows the face of what could be the new villain, who wields an axe in battle.

Uhtred will be wearing his hair down for some of the scenes on the show. There is also romance in store for the character. So, the fans can expect to see some steamy sex scenes as well.

Two new pictures [see below] of the show have been released online. The first picture is that of Uhtred on a white horse. The second picture is of an action sequence showing a Shield Wall.

Fans who have been waiting eagerly to know the release date of “The Last Kingdom” season 2 will have to wait just two more weeks. The plot summary of the premiere episode should be released soon.

Credit: Facebook/ The Last Kingdom