'The Last Kingdom'
A poster of BBC TTV series "The Last Kingdom." Facebook/ The Last kingdom

Filming is already well underway for the BBC series “The Last Kingdom” Season 2. Netflix has joined the show as co-producer. While the fans wait for the show, the producers have shared some details online.

[Spoiler alert]

“Do you know your #LastKingdomFacts?” a post on the official Facebook page of the show asked. “Here’s something to remember about the City of Eoferwic ahead of season 2,” the post reads. The City of Eoferwic was the Saxon name for what is known today as York.

Credit: Facebook/ The Last Kingdom

The City of Eoferwic has been described as one of the “greatest cities in the Saxon world.” Mover than 10,000 people lived in this city, making it an important place for both trade and production of goods. The city was later conquered by Danes and renamed as Jorvik.

Commenting on the post, some of the fans chipped in with some more tidbits like the place being called Eboracum that was established by the Romans. The Roman designs were used while building the sets for filming. The same level of attention to detail is expected in “The Last Kingdom” Season 2.

A video released online by the producers shows a huge Roman villa set that some of the characters used as their head quarters while they were being invaded. Production Designer Martyn John took the viewers on a tour in this video.

Credit: Facebook/ The Last Kingdom

When the Saxons moved into Winchester it was a Roman city, John explained. So, the Romans had built the fortress that was being depicted in the video. The producers didn’t want it to be an “amazing Roman villa.” Instead, what the viewers get to see is a dilapidated building with lots of damage, with walls falling and gaps in the middle of the wall along with drainage problems and leaks.

“The Last Kingdom” Season 2 is set to premiere sometime this year. The producers are yet to announce a release date.